Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Someone to Watch Over Me

self-portrait pendle hill
Originally uploaded by p2son.
Some people believe in guardian angels,
or that Jesus looks down from on high
to cast a protective gaze over us.

Some think that ancestors from beyond the grave,
keep their eyes on us (which sounds morbid to me).

But maybe we look over ourselves.

Maybe we travel back in time to when we were children,
--broken, lost, confused, abused, disillusioned
and we visit our former selves,
walk the twisted paths that mishaped us,
to find our wandering child,
then we sweep down in angelic mercy
(or fury)
drive back the darkness,
embrace that child,
feel the pain,
share the load,
weep the dirt out of the wounds,
and create a new reality.


At 8:23 AM , Blogger Contemplative Activist said...

Thanks Peterson,

This is a really lovely and inspiring thought.

I don't much like the idea of my dead ancestors looking over me either - bleurgh...:S


PS. Nice cap

At 1:51 PM , Blogger Peterson Toscano said...

It's my FAVORITE cap.
Glad you like it.
Comin' to the UK in late Sept, so we should talk!

At 12:43 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've always felt that we have to actively listen for advice from our future selves and that we have to realize the promise to ourselves that we'll send that advice back through the folds and wrinkles in time to our previous selves so that we have something to which to listen.

I also feel that our ancient ancestors listening from beyond the grave are the ones that choose to spend some time protecting their decendants, and possibly their ancestors, as time doesn't necessarily exist the same in the afterworld. I only don't want them watching me having sex.

At 2:16 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really like this, Peterson. It's nice to think about. I really needed this tonight. Thanks.

At 10:24 PM , Blogger Jennifer said...

Maybe spiritually we take care of both ourselves and others throughout life. It could be a subconscious action that we are currently unaware of.

At 10:25 PM , Blogger Jennifer said...

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At 10:25 PM , Blogger Jennifer said...

Maybe some do have guardian angels or some being such as Jesus or God watching over them on a daily basis. Someone is watching over me, because with the medical problems I acquired directly after I was born, I probably would not be alive otherwise.


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